Hello.  Welcome to Cohost's brand new online ordering page!  A few things to keep in mind while you're here...  

  • The deadline for placing an order request is 3pm two days before your requested delivery date/time.  The deadline for Monday orders is 3pm on Friday.  The deadline for weekend orders is 3pm on Thursday.  
  • We are not in the office on the weekends and will not be able to respond to order requests during that time.  
  • Any delivery/service/travel charges will be added after you place your order request.  These are dependent on location and delivery details.  Our delivery/service charge is 10% of the food/beverage purchase and starts at $50.
  • With this service, there is a minimum purchase of $250.  
  • We will confirm availability with our staff and Cohost restaurant before confirming your order and taking payment.
  • We are mostly unable to accommodate items from multiple restaurants without additional fees. This doesn't apply to dessert orders.  For example, if you need individually wrapped cookies from EVo's to accompany an order from a restaurant that doesn't have those, there would not be an additional delivery charge.
  • Beverages and dinnerware and other similar items can be found in the necessities category below.  
  • Happy Ordering!